Baton Rouge Shelter Loves Their Freshpet Donation

Through Freshpet Charitable Donations, we are so humbled by the amazing stories of pups, kitties, shelter volunteers and adopting parents everywhere.

Nothing warms our hearts like receiving beautiful stories from shelters to whom we are able to make a Freshpet donation. So when we received an email from Beth Brewster, Executive Director at the Companion Animal Alliance in Baton Rouge, LA about our donation, we wanted to share.

The Companion Animal Alliance works tirelessly to reduce the number of fur-kids heading for shelters, ensure loving treatment at their shelter and help find homes for pets in need. Beth recently wrote us about the Freshpet Dog Joy Treats the Alliance received, saying:

“I cannot tell you how excited the dogs get when we go down the aisle with these treats. We offered a dog whom was sick and wouldn’t eat anything a Freshpet treat and she got up wagging her tail for the second serving. It’s so much fun to watch their excitement and anticipation. I’m sold and cannot thank you enough for considering us for this generous donation.”

An eager pup waiting for his Freshpet Dog Joy Treats and, more importantly, a loving home!

While are donations are an exciting part of the Freshpet mission, the real people who deserve the thanks are those like Beth. Everyday, they open their hearts to pups and kitties who may have it ‘ruff’ to nurture them to health, give them love and find them a welcoming home.

Thank you Beth and shelters around the world for all that you do!

Interested in learning more about the Companion Animal Alliance? Check out their website for information on adopting, volunteering or spaying and neutering your fur-kid. Also, be sure to see their Facebook page, where they feature adorable fur-kids up for adoption!

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