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Freshpet Food Donation | Santa’s Elves

At Freshpet, we are so grateful to all of the pet parents who have participated in our Santa’s Elves video! For every share of the video, we pledged to donate one meal to a rescue or shelter in need. We had high expectations, but so far they have been far exceeded. We are blown away by the participation of fresh pet parents far and wide. Your generosity and enthusiasm for helping rescues and shelters get the food they need has been so inspiring.


We made a video to say Thank You, and to show how excited we are to put together and deliver the first of many Santa’s Elves donations:


Our first stop was Secaucus Animal Shelter- a local favorite that rescues and cares for both dogs and cats of all ages. We had a great day at Secaucus Animal Shelter and donated some of our favorite recipes, including Vital Complete Meals, Freshpet Select Slice and Serve Beef Roll, and Vital Balanced Nutrition Slice and Serve Chicken Recipe. The dogs gobbled up their share of our donations, which is just another reason to give a pet fresh food. One volunteer even asked for the Dog Joy Turkey Bacon treats by name, a favorite at the shelter. Check out our Freshpet Reviews to see more about the recipes we donated.


If you haven’t already, you can view and share the Freshpet Elves video below and on the Freshpet Facebook page to donate one meal to a rescue or shelter dog or cat in need:


We’re dedicated to bringing the power of fresh pet food to dogs and cats, and doing so in ways that are good for pets, people and the planet we live on. You can learn more about our charitable donations on

Julie’s Freshpet Letter: Kota’s new life after Adoption


Dear FreshPet,

Ever since we adopted our dog Kota, she wasn’t on the right food due to the previous owners. Since we started giving her the chicken and rice Freshpet dog food she is more active and her coat is looking amazing and she is very healthy. She has been eating Freshpet for a year now and she won’t eat any other kind of dog food unless it’s Freshpet Chicken and Rice. Thanks for making an awesome dog food for our Kota. We love that we can see what is put inside of her dog food. And its also affordable to us.

Thanks once again Pet Fresh. and Kota also says thanks for making some good fresh dog food.

Julie cook

Katie’s Freshpet Letter: BlackJack’s Rescue Tail


Dear FreshPet,

Six months ago my family and I adopted a beagle mix 6 month old pup named Milo. His previous family left him at the shelter and he was under weight. We change his name from Milo to BlackJack and the day we took him home, we bought Freshpet for him. He devoured it. He is now on a Pet Fresh diet only and he couldn’t be happier. He is a playful one year old pup that has a coat that glows. He has even developed a little “dance” when it is time to eat his Freshpet dog food. His life has turned around and because of your food, he is now a very happy pup.

Katie and BlackJack


Anita’s Fresh pet Letter: Not just a Freshpet dog food Review

@Anita Brunsting

Dear FreshPet,

My dog, Labby was named by my daughter when she was in 3rd grade because my daughter thought she looked like a lab; but she’s a rescue mix. Labby is our sweetheart, our happy dog. I like to give her some soft food as part of her diet, but she never quite liked any canned food and I was concerned if it was the healthiest choice for her. Also, my dog lives mostly outside and is fed there, and any left over canned food would attract birds and end up really causing a big mess. I also noticed when she turned about 10 years old that she would sometimes limp in her hind legs after getting up from a long nap – she’d eventually work out the kinks, but I was worried about her health growing older. I switched to Freshpet a couple of years ago, and she has loved it from the beginning. She never leaves a crumb behind, and is not limping anymore – she runs around like a young dog, and other than the white in her face, you wouldn’t know that she’s 11 years old. Also, I noticed she’s getting a little thinner in her old age, but I’ve just added a little extra Freshpet to her diet and she still eats every crumb. The cost of Freshpet per serving is also very comparable to most canned food, so I appreciate that as a pet owner. Freshpet gives me the peace of mind that I can give my dog the best food for her and still stay within my budget.

Sincerely, Anita Brunsting

Anita Brunsting

Samantha’s Freshpet Letter: Nikki-doo’s favorite Fresh Pet Food

@Samantha Pazyck

Dear FreshPet,

My 13 year old Jack Russell terrier, Nikki-doo, has been a part of my life since I was ten. I’ve always wanted the best for her, more so now as she grows older (though she’s still my pet fresh). Last February Nikki had surgery to get her right eye removed, and while she was much happier, she just wasnt eating much. I recently switched her food to Freshpet dog food and I have never seen her so excited about meal time! Before it would be so hard getting her to eat and now she cleans the bowl of all of her fresh pet food. I’ve noticed a difference in her overall health and attitude. I want to give you guys a huge thank you for helping me get my puppy back!

Samantha Pazyck

Melinda’s Freshpet Letter: Freshpet Dog Food & Weight Loss


Dear Fresh Pet,

My dog Evie turned three years old on August 19th. She is a chihuahua mix that I adopted from Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue in Queens, NY. Just six months before her third birthday, Evie was at the vet for a recurring knee problem called luxating patella. This was her fifth trip to the vet for a persistent limp. The doctor weighed her and immediately commented on how overweight she was. She tipped the scales at 13.3 pounds. The doctor recommended a drastic change to her diet, otherwise the added weight would continue to make her knee problems worse. I instantly began researching all of the dog foods out there to find what would be best to help Evie lose weight. That’s when I stumbled upon Freshpet. I weened her off of her dry food and put her on a complete Freshpet food diet (also adding in steamed green beans as the vet recommended). I am happy to report that Evie is down to 11.5 pounds! She’s doing great and has tons of energy. We still have another 1.5 pounds to go, but I’m confident we will get there. Thanks Pet Fresh for helping Evie to continue to be the happy and healthy dog I love!


Melinda Jensen

Learn about our mission on

At Freshpet, we have a single-minded mission to bring the power of fresh pet food to our dogs and cats. Our mission includes helping to make the world a better place by supporting pets, our people and the planet. Each month we share news on how we are bringing our mission to life on This is in addition to our updates to the veterinary community on and our investor partners on our Investor Relations site. If you want to be the first to know when new news is posted to our site, check our Freshpet Facebook page and Twitter where we post new articles all the time.


Here are just a few of the interesting things you can find on

Pets – Learn how we make Freshpet Dog Food in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with behind the scenes access at the Freshpet Kitchens or hear from our Freshpet Chefs about all our newest recipes, like Fresh from the Kitchens, how we came up with them and why Freshpet food can be a great choice for your dog or cat.

Most importantly, we are most proud to share all of our Freshpet donations to shelters and animals in need, helping animals find their forever home is our favorite part of working at Freshpet. Freshpet has donated over 3 million meals to pets in need.

People – Get to know Our Team and their own Freshpet dog food reviews about their favorite recipes.

Planet – Learn how we us renewable wind energy making Freshpet Food to help preserve the planet for years to come. In 2016, we have new exciting challenge on how to continue to lessen our impact on the environment.

We hope you will enjoy getting to know us just as much as we love being part of you and your pet fresh life!

Introducing Freshpet Acts of Kindness

Freshpet Acts of Kindness 2

Every day at Freshpet, we come to work with one goal in mind: bringing the power of fresh food to pets everywhere. It’s one of the tenets that Freshpet was founded on, and we as a company fully believe in achieving that goal for pets, the people that take care of them, and our planet.

As a part of our mission, we’re excited and proud to introduce one of our newest programs: Freshpet Acts of Kindness. Each week, a member of our Freshpet family will be doing something special for deserving pets and the families that give them so much. Whether it’s something like a donation of Freshpet Select recipes to a puppy shelter or the little things like buying a new bed for a homesick kitty, we want to do the special things for all the pets and pet parents in our families.

We believe so much in giving back to our communities that Freshpet employees will be given an extra day off of work to go out and perform their Acts of Kindness. And we’ll be sharing the stories, photos and testimonials from each Act with you. We hope you’ll follow along with us. Check out our Facebook page as well as our Tumblr to see all our Acts come to life.

We’re always looking for more pets and families to involve in our Acts of Kindness, so if you know someone who deserves one we want to hear from you! Email us at or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

We look forward to spreading kindness together, one Act at a time.

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