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With Help From Rescue and Freshpet, Stray Pup Harry Makes A Comeback

We all love a great comeback story, and that’s exactly what we’ve found in Harry, a Basset Hound.

Last week, Suzanne F. of the Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue shared a story with us about Harry, a stray whose days appeared to be numbered. The Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue works tirelessly to take in Hounds without homes, to provide veterinary care and to set up adoptions for these deserving fur-kids.

For years now, we’ve worked with the Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue to donate Freshpet foods and treats. We love hearing stories about the pups our donations have helped, and Harry’s story is truly one to remember.


Harry when he first came to the Rescue


Harry the Basset Hound arrived at the Rescue in mid-June of this year, after he was found as a stray in Stroudsburg, PA. He had been neutered and was comfortable indoors, so it seemed to Suzanne that Harry had been abandoned. “His coat was a total wreck,” say Harry’s foster parents, Rich and Ginger, who quickly brought him on a visit to the veterinarian. With a laundry list of health issues, such as Lyme’s Disease, a skin infection, ingrown dew claws, stomach lumps and general emaciation, Harry’s prognosis was not positive.

After some initial tender, love and care, Harry put on enough weight to receive anesthesia needed to remove the benign tumors on his stomach and have nine decayed teeth removed. Still, the vet was concerned that vaccines, in Harry’s physical state, “could put him over the edge.” With limited mobility and lingering health issues, Harry was a long shot for a heart-warming recovery story.

But that’s just what happened.

Upon their third visit to the veterinarian in three months, Harry began to turn the corner. The veterinarian was astonished about the progress that Harry had made. “Key to his recovery was vastly improved nutrition, including Freshpet Select Slice and Serve rolls and frozen Meatball Mix-Ins,” says Rich. However, Harry’s absolute favorites are the Dog Joy treats. Harry now picks up his pace for his Dog Joy treats, mobility improvement previously unimaginable when he arrived at the rescue. According to Ginger, “It is obvious that with his improved health and yummy food, Harry thinks he is living large.”

Harry in his new foster home!

In just three months, Harry, in desperate need of a warm family and proper nutrition, is now living the healthy, happy life he deserves. Thanks to his foster parents Rich and Ginger, Harry now has a loving foster home and plenty of donated Freshpet foods and treats to keep his tail wagging.

Thank you Suzanne, Rich and Ginger for taking Harry under your wing and for sharing this beautiful story!

We love to hear how the fresh, nutritious ingredients found in Freshpet recipes have helped fur-kids get back to their healthy selves. Got a Freshpet story to share or a favorite recipe? We’d love to hear from you! Please submit your review and story here:

Baton Rouge Shelter Loves Their Freshpet Donation

Through Freshpet Charitable Donations, we are so humbled by the amazing stories of pups, kitties, shelter volunteers and adopting parents everywhere.

Nothing warms our hearts like receiving beautiful stories from shelters to whom we are able to make a Freshpet donation. So when we received an email from Beth Brewster, Executive Director at the Companion Animal Alliance in Baton Rouge, LA about our donation, we wanted to share.

The Companion Animal Alliance works tirelessly to reduce the number of fur-kids heading for shelters, ensure loving treatment at their shelter and help find homes for pets in need. Beth recently wrote us about the Freshpet Dog Joy Treats the Alliance received, saying:

“I cannot tell you how excited the dogs get when we go down the aisle with these treats. We offered a dog whom was sick and wouldn’t eat anything a Freshpet treat and she got up wagging her tail for the second serving. It’s so much fun to watch their excitement and anticipation. I’m sold and cannot thank you enough for considering us for this generous donation.”

An eager pup waiting for his Freshpet Dog Joy Treats and, more importantly, a loving home!

While are donations are an exciting part of the Freshpet mission, the real people who deserve the thanks are those like Beth. Everyday, they open their hearts to pups and kitties who may have it ‘ruff’ to nurture them to health, give them love and find them a welcoming home.

Thank you Beth and shelters around the world for all that you do!

Interested in learning more about the Companion Animal Alliance? Check out their website for information on adopting, volunteering or spaying and neutering your fur-kid. Also, be sure to see their Facebook page, where they feature adorable fur-kids up for adoption!

Donation Spotlight: Kitty City Kansas

Kitty City Kansas is a rescue for cats and kittens located in Kansas, and a recent recipient of a Freshpet Select cat food donation. The rescue has a lot going on this month, as they are home right now to over 100 gorgeous kittens in need of homes. The story is a happy one, however: the shelter has been working hard hosting weekly “Baby Showers” all month long with quite a few successful adoptions as a result. There are so many newly formed families to see on their Facebook page, and it warms our hearts. Keep up the great work, Kitty City!

The rescue shared a few pictures and updates about our recent Freshpet donation:
“Kitty City Kansas Rescue kitties sure are lovin’ this tasty food from FreshPet! Thanks FreshPet for your generous donation! It is awesome that our rescue kitties can enjoy such high quality food while waiting for their furrever homes!”

Two of Kitty City's kittens enjoying their  Freshpet Select cat cups!

Two of Kitty City’s kittens enjoying their Freshpet Select cat cups!

Chilli chowing down

Chilli looking adorable after chowing down. 


To learn more about Kitty City and to see available cats and kittens for adoption, visit their website or find them on Facebook.

Adoptable Pets near the Freshpet Kitchens

We’re so fortunate to have a new home for our Freshpet Kitchens in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania!
We’ve had a lot of fun getting to know our neighbors over the past few months and forming friendships with our local shelters and rescues.  To help our new friends, we’re donating our billboards in the local area to help find homes for deserving dogs and kitties available for adoption. If you’re looking for a pet you saw on one of our billboards, scroll down to find them. We hope you’ll consider opening your home to a wonderful new family member today.
Please note these pups and kitties may no longer be available- check with the shelter or rescue listed for up-to-date information.
Adoptable Pets from The Sanctuary at Haafsville
Hi everyone, my name is Carol.  I am hanging out at the Sanctuary trying to beat the heat.  So if you have air conditioning, a mint julep and lots of shade, I would especially like to have you come and meet me.  Stay cool.
To adopt Carol, email or call (484) 788-8062 today!


Ying Yang here, just checking in to let you see how handsome a young dude I am.  Everyone says I have REALLY big paws, guess that means I might grow up to be big and strong!!  So come and meet me and fall in love!




Hi everyone, Teddy here.  Me and my two sisters are just now ready to find our forever homes.  So if you want a soft but tough guy, I am your man/dog!  Can not wait for you to find me!!


To adopt Teddy, email or call (484) 788-8062 today!



Babs speaking.  If you want a Twiggy cat, then I am not your girl.  But if you want a warm lap during the day and warm feet at night, then come and check me out.  Can not wait to meet you and fall in love!

To adopt Babs, email or call (484) 788-8062 today!




Chloe checking in.  I am a beautiful Doberman mix young lady, about 4 years old. I love playing with the others in my canine cottage, and that is fun.  But I would really love a home of my own.  So come and meet me, you will be glad you did!

To adopt Chloe, email or call (484) 788-8062 today!




Andy’s the name, loving is the game!  I am a sprinter, with short, powerful legs and the world’s biggest grin!  Am a beautiful cream colored lad.  So come and meet me at the Sanctuary and fall in love!


To adopt Andy, email or call (484) 788-8062 today!




Adoptable Pets from the Center for Animal Health and Welfare


My name is Nauni. I’m an adorable boxer girl that’s looking to find a calm and loving home. I am timid and shy when I first meet new people, but once I know you and like you…I am a real sweetie pie! I know how to sit nicely for treats and since I’m one of the new girls, I am very excited to make lots of new friends.


To adopt Nauni, email or call (610) 252-7722 today!



Cici is a cute gal. She was originally with us in 2011 when she lost her home to a fire. She is now back again because her family is moving and she can not go. She is about 10lbs, an older adult and is in need of a home. She has limited sight in one eye.

To adopt Cici, email or call (610) 252-7722 today!




Frenchi is a young adult female kitty. She’s very friendly, microchipped, and friendly with other kitties. Great for a multi-cat home!

To adopt Frenchi, email or call (610) 252-7722 today!



Holy Moly

Holy Moly  is a young adult male kitty. He is 13lbs, neutered, microchipped, and cat friendly. Great for a multi-cat home!

To adopt Holy Moly, email or call (610) 252-7722 today!


Lover Boy

Lover Boy is a kitten, currently in foster care and looking for a new home very soon! The Center for Animal Health and Welfare would like to find this adorable boy a home by June 5th, so be sure to call soon if you want to call him your own.

To adopt Lover Boy, email or call (610) 252-7722 today!




Belita had an owner but she was moving out of state and she could not go. Belita is pint size and is very loving. She was just spayed, is up-to-date on shots and very much a people person. She doesn’t like cats. Come see this gorgeous little girl.

To adopt Belita, email or call (610) 252-7722 today!




Brayden was a stray from Easton, he is about a year old, cat friendly and ready for a new home. This handsome 8lb boy is neutered, up-to-date on shots, microchipped and ready to go!

To adopt Brayden, email or call (610) 252-7722 today!





PeeWee is a cute little fella. He was returned to the shelter as there were landlord issues. He is a tiny guy at 10lbs and doesn’t mind the company of some other dogs. He is not a fan of small children. PeeWee is ready for a forever home.

To adopt PeeWee, email or call (610) 252-7722 today!




Hannah is a sweet girl who is looking for a forever home. She recently spent some time in a foster home.

Her foster mom reports: Hannah is so smart–she figures out things easily. I would place her among the smartest dogs I have ever fostered, easily trained because she wants to please you, playful and loving… She is simply not aware of how big or strong she is when she plays, but she catches on quickly when I play with her and let her know she is being too rough.

She is perfectly fine with people, totally house trained, likes to ride in the car, eats well, and I am training her to walk on a leash without pulling and chasing other animals (particularly dogs and cats). She knows commands (sit, paw), however, she acted like she had never seen a dog toy or a dog treat before–she is discovering those now.

She is fine around people of all ages, used to all kinds of noises, but her hunting instinct is strong. However, I think she can be trained to control herself better. I am not sure is she will ever be reliable around other dogs if loose. She will be a great dog in a home where she is the only dog.

She can be a great watch dog since she warns you when someone approaches the house, but she is not aggressive at all once they come in. In all, I think Hannah is a great dog to have in a home where she is the only pet. She also needs an owner who lets her know what is expected of her, because she is alert and obedient.

To adopt Hannah, email or call (610) 252-7722 today!



Swirl is a gorgeous young guy that will need a home. He is social, up-to-date on shots, microchipped, litter trained, neutered and ready for a forever family.

To adopt Swirl, email or call (610) 252-7722 today!






Maxine is a sweet young girl that is need of a loving home. She is under a year old, social and would love a family soon. She is utd on shots, microchipped, spayed and ready to go!

To adopt Maxine, email or call (610) 252-7722 today!





Eloise is just gorgeous. She is social and in need of a loving home. She is about 3 and very friendly. She is utd on shots, microchipped, spayed, litter trained and ready to go!

To adopt Eloise, email or call (610) 252-7722 today!





Adoptable Pets from Buck’s County SPCA


Rosie is a 6 year old Beagle, who is gentle and affectionate. She enjoys running around the fenced yard, and would do well with other dogs

To adopt Rosie, email or call 215.794.7425 today!






Molly is a 6 year old Lhasa Apso Mix. She’s a very social and friendly girl, and loves to be affectionate! She knows how to sit, listens well, and has nice manners, and is moderatively active. She is currently on a strict diet for health reasons and may only have certain food. She’s great with other dogs and should do well with cats.

To adopt Molly, email or call 215.794.7425 today!





Biggs is a 1 1/2 year old Chihuahua Mix. She is quite affectionate and moderately active – she loves to run and play with some of the other shelter dogs at play group. She would be best in a dog experienced home.

To adopt Biggs, email or call 215.794.7425 today!



Adoptable Pets from Peacable Kingdom



Jabba is about a 5 year old chihuahua mix and is very friendly. He would do best in a home with a single person as he gets very attached and wants all the attention for himself. If you are single and looking for the perfect companion dog than look no further.

For more info call 610-248-7997 or visit




Rescue Spotlight: Paw It 4ward Foundation

Our fresh dog and cat food donations are dedicated to helping shelters and rescues feed real, delicious food to animals in need. Donations of healthy food not only make pets more adoptable, but they also help keep rescues open by lessening the financial burden. When we discovered the Paw It 4ward Foundation, a new non-profit on a mission to help rescues, we were thrilled to spread the word. 

The Paw It 4ward Foundation was established in April 2013 to help local animal rescues cover the exorbitant medical bills they incur throughout the year. The foundation is a volunteered-based, non-profit organization, where 100% of funds raised are allocated to the vet bills of ill animals in the care of rescues.

As you may know, rescue groups save healthy or ill animals from shelters that practice euthanization, and take on the full expense of their care until the animal is adopted. These excessive fees are why most rescue groups collapse within two years of establishment. On average, medical costs alone can run $250-$300 per healthy animal brought into the program, and that is just for basic medical care. Injured animal costs can escalate to $5000 or more.

According to the American Humane Society,  roughly 64 percent of the 4.3 million animals that entered “kill” shelters were euthanized — approximately 2.7 million animals in just 1,000 shelters out of an estimated 3,500 throughout the country. Many of these animals are euthanized due to overcrowding but countless numbers lose their lives because of medical problems that could be treated. Sadly, only 25 percent of dogs and 24 percent of cats that enter animal shelters are adopted.

Paw It 4ward wants to change these numbers by working together with local rescue groups to help provide financial assistance so they can more readily rescue animals with special medical needs that would otherwise be euthanized.

To learn more about this worthy cause, and how you can help, please visit or find it on Facebook.

Rescue Spotlight: Greytful Hearts Greyhound Rescue (+ Greyhounds available for adoption)

Greytful Hearts Greyhound Rescue is a foster organization dedicated to finding loving homes for retired, racing Greyhounds. They are a wonderful rescue located in Hamburg, Pennsylvania, and a frequent recipient of Freshpet food donations.

The rescue’s main mission is to help change perceptions about retired racing Greyhounds. According to the rescue, “many people do not know how wonderful the breed is and think that if they were once racers, that they must be hyper and high-strung.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Greyhounds, as a general rule, are very gentle, quiet souls who want nothing more than to have a loving person and a warm bed to call their own.”

We recently donated Freshpet dog food and treats to this deserving rescue, and they let us know that they have five new Greyhounds in their foster care program, ready to be adopted! Not only are these pups gorgeous, kind, and cared for, but they also have the benefit of eating fresh food diets, sure to keep them in top shape. All of the information about these foster pups is provided by Paula at Greytful Hearts. Visit their website, send them an email, or give them a call (1-610-562-1353) if you’re interested in meeting one of these wonderful dogs.











This sweet red girl just turned seven in February. She ran in 172 races and was a broodmom.









This handsome boy is white with brindle and just turned four. 









This handsome white and black boy is three years old.










This gorgeous fawn brindle boy is two years old.










This lovely red girl just turned two in January.




Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League Donation

At Freshpet, we are lucky enough to work closely with many animal rescues, and over the years have given many a donation to help. Recently, we shared a donation of Freshpet foods with our friends at the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League Donation (MAGDRL, for short). MAGDRL cares for rescued Great Danes and helps to find them loving homes. For these gentle giants, a little love and training can go a very long way towards finding a home.

Our most recent donation made its way into the foster homes of some wonderful pet parents fostering Great Danes. Foster mom Joy shared her foster pups’ Ginger and Boomers’ reactions to eating Freshpet Select Chunky Chicken recipe, complete with plenty of lean protein and wholesome veggies and rice great for a larger breed. Joy wrote “the dogs were [practically] killing themselves over this food,” and enclosed a few photos of the two beautiful pups.

If you’d like to learn more about MAGDRL, visit their website.

Freshpet’s 2012 Holiday Donation Tour

The holiday season is upon us, and with much of New Jersey still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, we at Freshpet thought there was no better time to spread joy, and fresh food, to pups in need. So earlier this week, we loaded up the Freshpet Truck and set out on a mission to donate fresh food and treats to local shelters in our area.

We were able to provide each shelter with our Deli Fresh Chicken, Vegetable & Rice slice and serve rolls, Dog Nation Turkey Bacon, and Ready to Bake Cookies, which we freshly baked and wrapped just prior to our visits. In total, we donated over 680 pounds of fresh food to these deserving shelters.



Our first stop was Bloomsfield Animal Shelter, where the wonderful staff and a few adorable, adoptable pups greeted us. Bloomsfield is a fantastic shelter with a focus on behavioral development for their pups and kitties in order to make them more adoptable. The staff was delighted by our donation, especially our Turkey Bacon treats, as they explained that healthy treats are key to behavioral training; many other treats contain sugar or other harmful ingredients that make pups hyper and reluctant to train. The treats were such a hit, none of the pups wanted to leave the truck. Bloomsfield volunteer, Nancy, put it best: “Our smaller dogs who had to use the steps were so excited to get the treats. I thought they were going to throw themselves off balance since they were wagging their tails so much!”

Nancy added “Our Freshpet supply was low, but now our fridge and freezer are stocked and our dogs and puppies are a happy bunch.  Our shelter dogs are always special to us and we so appreciate the time and effort taken for them today. What a great treat it was!”

After the last pup had his fill, we set off for our next stop. Mayor Michael Gonnelli greeted us as we pulled up in front of the Secaucus Animal Shelter’s satellite home, within the town community center. The mayor is a pet parent, too, and believes in the importance of feeding fresh, wholesome meals to his family. Not only did we hand out tasty food samples to the wonderful rescue pups of Secaucus, we  also gave goodies to those who just passed by. The pups went crazy for the slice and serve rolls. Sam Adams, a rescue beagle currently up for adoption, was particularly enthralled by our cookies and couldn’t get enough!


We truly had a wonderful day with these shelters. It was great to see how healthy these pups looked, hear the great stories of their progress towards being adopted, and know how much they are cared for by the dedicated volunteers.


We wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!

If you’d like to see all of the photos from our donation tour, visit our Pinterest page. To keep up with our work in support of animal shelters and rescues, visit



Checking-in with Stewie the Basset Hound

This summer, we received a story from the Western Missouri Basset Rescue about Stewie, a rescue pup who was quite worse for the wear. At the time, the Rescue had just taken Stewie in, and he had just tried his first bite of Freshpet.

After a recent donation of Freshpet Vital, Western Missouri Basset Rescue shared with us an update on Stewie that made us smile. Thanks to Chris for keeping us up to date on one of our favorite Bassets!

Chris writes:

Freshpet delivered a donation today, and we are so very grateful to you for letting us be included in recieving this great product. I emailed you in August about our poor Basset Stewie who came to us with very little hair and the few strands he did have felt like bristles from a wire brush.

I am attaching before and now pictures of Stewie for you to see how the Freshpet has helped him. His fur is now like bunny fur. Soft and sleek. Thank you for helping us feed our Basset Hounds they are very thankful for being able to have this wonderfully healthy food that they love to eat.

Stewie before and after

Freshpet Helps The Pet Rescue Network Save Wil!

Freshpet Dog Food Helps Wil Recover A small black lab mix, less than one year old, had been hit by a car and was found on the side of a rural road. His injuries were very serious and included multiple fractures and severe cuts on his paws and legs.

The Pet Rescue Network took him in, and through dedicated volunteers and generous donations, helped him get through several complicated surgeries and procedures. In spite of all the pain and trauma, this little pup’s tail just kept wagging, so they named him “Wil” for his “Will to survive!”

After his surgeries were over, Wil would not eat anything at all. Another rescue group, Talk to the Paw!, heard about Wil’s struggles and brought him Freshpet all natural dog food which they had received through a donation.

Now we hear Wil is “eating like he’s in competition!” as he continues to heal, play, and wait to find his forever home. Click here to see more pictures and a video of Wil’s miraculous recovery.