Bloomfield Animal Shelter Benefits From Freshpet Donation of Fresh, All-Natural Dog Food

Freshpet Donation to the Bloomfield Animal Shelter

We recently donated cases of our fresh, all-natural dog food to the Bloomfield Animal Shelter. Here’s a heart-

warming story from them.

The animals at the Bloomfield Animal Shelter will never be able to thank you themselves so I will do it for them. They absolutely love Freshpet! Your generous donation has made such a difference in how they greet the mornings. They wait with such joyful anticipation for their breakfast and the dogs who had always left food in their bowl no longer do!

We just got a small dog in that was roaming the streets with a terrible skin condition and our shelter manager told the staff she is to have Freshpet and Freshpet only, just your product, which they now put in her Kong also.

Bonnie, our Fundraising Chair, her husband & volunteer Bob and I had such a nice trip to pick up your donation and everyone at the cold storage was very nice and helpful. We knew your donation was going to be large but when they opened the door and saw it we were all amazed! We stood and just stared for a few seconds before we started loading Bob’s truck.

When our dogs dogs go to their new homes we will be letting their families know they have been eating and enjoying Freshpet.

Thank you again so much for helping our shelter animals, you made a huge difference in their days and you are very much appreciated.

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