Different Ways to Feed Fresh and Healthy Food Types for your Pup

At Freshpet, we believe that when it comes to your dog’s diet, variety is just as important as freshness. This is we’re proud to share all the healthy dog food types we carry to give you different ways to feed your pup fresh.


Our slice and serve rolls are our most loved. Palatable to even the pickiest of eaters, all of our rolls are made from the highest quality whole food ingredients. These rolls are so popular, in fact, they are available in a wide variety of flavors, meaning there is no shortage of different combinations for your pet to try. The unique part about our roll is that you can dice it up into whatever bite size is perfect for your pup. You can even “mash” it with a fork for those with sensitive teeth or trouble eating.

Bagged Meals

Made from tender pieces of fresh meat and vegetables, our meals are a favorite among those who want to scoop and serve. What makes our meals so special is that in every pound served, your pet will receive at least 9 oz of beef, poultry, or fish, 2 oz of liver, 1 oz of egg, 2 oz of fruits and vegetables, as well as 18 essential vitamins and minerals. These meals are available in a convenient releasable bag, making serving your pet their fresh meals is quick, easy, and mess-free.

Also keep in mind that our rolls and bagged meals are healthy dog foods for all life stages. Just refer to to our feeding guidelines when serving puppies.

Stews with Gravy

Our stews with gravy are perfect for pet parents who want to give their dog an indulgent, snout-licking meal. With real meat and vegetables in a classic broth, our stews offer a unique and delicious take on fresh pet food. As with all Freshpet products, our stews are made exclusively from the highest quality fresh, all-natural ingredients.


Our newest line of fresh mix-ins for your pet is our Vital Whole Blends. These unique mix-in meal enhancers are made from fresh, high-quality ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, ancient grains, and seeds that allow you to supplement your dog’s meals with superfoods you won’t find in most regular pet food. Plus, each of these toppers is customized to address your pet’s life stage, lifestyle, or nutritional needs.

It’s clear to see that when it comes to feeding your dog a fresh food diet, there is no shortage of options. With each Freshpet product boasting fresh, wholesome ingredients cooked at low temperatures to maintain their nutritional benefits, you can feel good about whichever product you choose.

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