Freshpet Tips on Caring for a Malnourished Dog

It can be quite difficult to nurse a malnourished dog from a pet rescue or adoption shelter back to proper health. Way too often, these canines are abused, neglected, and left in n abandoned state. We hope by sharing these simple tips you will be able to lead your newfound pal to live a healthy, more cheerful life.

How to Care for a Malnourished Dog

  1. Take your dog to the vet – Your first priority is your pet’s health, so have your dog checked thoroughly. A malnourished dog often suffers from dehydration, sores from injuries, and parasitic infections.
  2. Ask for advice on how to feed your dog – Never feed malnourished dogs too much too fast or they can suffer from weak muscles, cramping, seizures, and heart irregularities.
  3. Feed your dog a fresh diet – Fresh ingredients and minimal processing make for a highly palatable and easily digestible meal. A natural, meat-based diet provides the additional protein required for recovering dogs.
  4. Let your dog sleep – Sleep helps dogs re-build strength and regain their health. Do not disturb their slumber.
  5. Keep a warm, safe environment – Malnourished dogs often have a hard time keeping warm since they have little body fat. When you take home a dog from an animal shelter or rescue, make their environment comfortable and relaxed. A safe haven will also reduce stress.
  6. Weigh your dog – Take note of how much your dog weighs every day to see the improvement they’re making. If malnourishment is the only problem, they should be back to a normal, healthy state within 10 days.
  7. Exercise – Once your dog has regained its strength, be sure to take them out for daily walks. The exercise will help keep them fit and healthy.

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