Freshpet Food Donation | Santa’s Elves

At Freshpet, we are so grateful to all of the pet parents who have participated in our Santa’s Elves video! For every share of the video, we pledged to donate one meal to a rescue or shelter in need. We had high expectations, but so far they have been far exceeded. We are blown away by the participation of fresh pet parents far and wide. Your generosity and enthusiasm for helping rescues and shelters get the food they need has been so inspiring.


We made a video to say Thank You, and to show how excited we are to put together and deliver the first of many Santa’s Elves donations:


Our first stop was Secaucus Animal Shelter- a local favorite that rescues and cares for both dogs and cats of all ages. We had a great day at Secaucus Animal Shelter and donated some of our favorite recipes, including Vital Complete Meals, Freshpet Select Slice and Serve Beef Roll, and Vital Balanced Nutrition Slice and Serve Chicken Recipe. The dogs gobbled up their share of our donations, which is just another reason to give a pet fresh food. One volunteer even asked for the Dog Joy Turkey Bacon treats by name, a favorite at the shelter. Check out our Freshpet Reviews to see more about the recipes we donated.


If you haven’t already, you can view and share the Freshpet Elves video below and on the Freshpet Facebook page to donate one meal to a rescue or shelter dog or cat in need:


We’re dedicated to bringing the power of fresh pet food to dogs and cats, and doing so in ways that are good for pets, people and the planet we live on. You can learn more about our charitable donations on

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