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Why You Need To Pay Attention To Dog Food Reviews?

When buying dog food, you have got to be very careful. Reviews play an important role, especially if you are switching to a new kind of dog food. Here are a few reasons why dog food reviews need to be paid attention to:

They give you a realistic picture – Television commercials and magazine spreads will always sing praises of the brand in question, which is what makes them biased to some extent. Reviews from actual pet parents give a realistic picture of the kind of food in the bag. If your dog has any kinds of allergies, reviews would be even
more useful for you.

They simplify things for you – Reading the label or ingredients can often lead to confusion as
to what affect the food will actually have on your dog. The label will tell you about all the nutrients in the recipe but more often than not, it will not be forthcoming about the benefits. Going through reviews will tell you of the benefits such as shinier coat, energy boost, clearer eyes, healthy appetite etc.

They are more trusted than descriptions by the manufacturer – According to eMarketer (February 2010), customer reviews are trusted nearly 12 times more than the manufacturer’s claims about the product. And 63% of the customers are likely to purchase from a site than has user reviews, genuine or not. (iPerception)

Therefore, pay a great deal of attention when looking at dog food reviews – you might find relevant information that is not mentioned anywhere else.

How Freshpet Reviews are the ideal dog food reviews?

Freshpet has been in the business of providing healthy dog food for many years. Its healthy and fresh recipes are the reason for all the amazing Fresh Pet Reviews. Here are a few reasons why the Freshpet Dog Food Reviews have all the answers you need:

They will tell you about all the medical problems Freshpet reviews will be honest
opinions of consumers who genuinely had a good experience with the dog food they used. You will find many reviews talking about issues such as skin problems, diabetes, hair loss, lack of energy, stomach issues etc that were all relieved, thanks to Freshpet!

Take a look at Deborah McGarrity for example. Her dog clearly seems healthier and happier after a shift to a Freshpet diet.

Similarly, Tim Haley’s dog had diabetes that Freshpet recipes helped out with:

They will tell you about the enthusiasm Freshpet generates Pets deserve quality food. Any food that you would not see as fit for your own self, you might not even want to offer it to your dog. After reading the Freshpet Select Reviews, you will realize how this company makes sure that your dog will love what it eats – by using the freshest and tastiest ingredients and cooking them into the most delicious recipes. Check out Carolyn’s dog, who just cannot wait to dig into his Freshpet food!

Such excitement is actually more common that you would think. Take a look at these other excited dogs.

They will tell you about all the picky eaters Being a pet parent, you might’ve come across extremely picky eaters. No matter what you put in front of them, they would just turn their face away. And thanks to the lack of (verbal) communication, you can never quite figure out what is wrong. This is when you start to speculate about all the things that could be wrong with your dog. Before jumping to any conclusions, you might be better off testing Freshpet food on them.

Here are a few reviews:

They will be a true delight –With all the pictures of cute little furry animals, pet parents
are bound to go ‘aww’ after they go through Fresh Pet Select Reviews. For instance, take a look at these cute moments in Freshpet Reviews.

These reviews will certainly lift your mood!

They are all genuine Freshpet
reviews come from genuine users only. This can be evidenced by the fact that there are both positive and negative reviews present on the page and website. Freshpet believes in a philosophy of improving on mistakes
and taking critique in a constructive manner, which is why it does not delete any negative remarks made by pet parents. In fact the company does everything it can to correct matters and make up for the initial unpleasant experience. Therefore, you can believe whatever you read in the reviews the next time you visit a Feshpet Review page.

Next time you go grocery shopping, be sure to check the dog food reviews for that company – Freshpet or not. It’ll give you the right idea.

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