Freshpet’s Traveling Food Truck

At Freshpet, we take our motto of “Bringing Fresh Food to Pets” seriously. Our motto has inspired every aspect of how we run our company, and has even birthed the idea of our Freshpet food truck.

The Freshpet food truck can be seen wagging it’s tail throughout the New York metro area, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania – bringing your pet fresh food and treats. The truck roams around visiting adoption centers, local shelters, dog parks, rescue groups, and pet friendly events.

We’re proud to support shelters and rescue organizations across the country and are thrilled to be able to take our support on the road with the Freshpet Food Truck. A fresh diet, with nutritious ingredients, makes all the difference to pets in need. Delivering our food to pet’s in need is the least we can do! In fact, in December alone we were able to raise our donations to 100,000 meals thanks to our Freshpet Santa’s Elves Holiday campaign and are in the process of delivering them to our network of shelters and organization now!

The truck itself comes equipped with all the bells and whistles: a fire hydrant for the pups to play around on, a feeding walk-up or “paw up” staircase, a flashy stop sign which ensures that poochies can enjoy their food without having to worry about nearby motorists, a pack of dogs on top that makes passerbys look twice, a barking honk, and a fun and friendly brand ambassador to answer all your questions. The truck’s counter encourages big dogs to “paw up to the bar,” while a doggie door allows smaller dogs to help themselves to our fresh refrigerated dog food. As for the flashy stop sign, it was designed to be similar to schoolbus-style signs that pop out. The only difference? Our sign invites dogs and pet parents to “paws” for a minute and get their fill of nutritious snacks, and a refreshing bowl of water!

We make our meals and snacks with fresh meats, fruits, and veggies farmed locally and delivered daily to our Freshpet Kitchens, so you know that your pet is getting the freshiest meal possible. “It’s a real pleasure to tell pet parents about Freshpet… they [are] excited to give our recipes a try!” exclaims driver and brand ambassador Tony Quinones. Similar to a normal food truck, the Freshpet truck even boasts a Specials menu, full to please!

Our truck attracts everyone, from new pet parents to loyal Freshpet Facebook fans and consumer’s who have given Freshpet reviews online. We are proud to be a part of a community of pet parents who are passionate about the health and well being of pets.

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