How We’re Celebrating the Earth This Year

Every year we like to go out of our way to make sure that we’re not only doing right by the pets we deliver fresh foods to each day, but also our planet. And this year is no different!

From planting trees in Texas, to using only wind-powered energy to make our foods, we like to think that every day is Earth Day at Freshpet. Here are some of the sustainability projects we’re committed to this year:


tree3,000 New Trees Planted

This year, we plan to plant 3,000 more with The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero Program at the Lower Rio Grande National Wildlife Refuge Complex in Texas. Planting these trees helps to restore the home of the two remaining ocelot populations in the U.S. Along with the the 4,000 seedlings we planted last year, these trees will not only help to restore the habitat for these endangered cats, but also help to clean the air , filter water, and provide recreational and economic benefits for the community.


windpower100% Wind-Powered

At the Freshpet Kitchens, where we’re hard at work making our foods fresh everyday, we are 100% wind-powered. This alternative is wind renewable energy that doesn’t involve the burning of fossil fuels or green house emissions which can be damaging to our air. Take a tour of the Freshpet Kitchens here.



canines_for_clean_waterCanine’s for Clean Water

This year, in partnership with The Conservation Fund, we are sponsoring Canine’s for Clean Water, a program that cleans up the Lake Michigan watershed that has been negatively affected by public sewer systems and nearby homes that have failing or no septic systems.  The team of dogs, trained by Environmental Canine Services, LLC, are able to sniff out E.coli more accurately and faster than any other means, so that the community can sooner improve the water quality. We are so happy to be donating funds, as well as fresh food, to help fuel their canine team.

Rain gardens & sewer dog 015-1

earthZero Landfill

This April, we kicked off our Zero Landfill initiative at our Freshpet Kitchens.  By partnering with Sustainable Waste Solutions, we will be able to recycle some of our waste that we couldn’t before and convert the remaining waste into usable energy.  This landfill free solution is recommended as a “clean, reliable, and renewable source of energy” that “produces electricity with less environmental impact than almost any other source of electricity” by the US Environmental Protection Agency.




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