Introducing Freshpet Acts of Kindness

Freshpet Acts of Kindness 2

Every day at Freshpet, we come to work with one goal in mind: bringing the power of fresh food to pets everywhere. It’s one of the tenets that Freshpet was founded on, and we as a company fully believe in achieving that goal for pets, the people that take care of them, and our planet.

As a part of our mission, we’re excited and proud to introduce one of our newest programs: Freshpet Acts of Kindness. Each week, a member of our Freshpet family will be doing something special for deserving pets and the families that give them so much. Whether it’s something like a donation of Freshpet Select recipes to a puppy shelter or the little things like buying a new bed for a homesick kitty, we want to do the special things for all the pets and pet parents in our families.

We believe so much in giving back to our communities that Freshpet employees will be given an extra day off of work to go out and perform their Acts of Kindness. And we’ll be sharing the stories, photos and testimonials from each Act with you. We hope you’ll follow along with us. Check out our Facebook page as well as our Tumblr to see all our Acts come to life.

We’re always looking for more pets and families to involve in our Acts of Kindness, so if you know someone who deserves one we want to hear from you! Email us at or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

We look forward to spreading kindness together, one Act at a time.

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