Little Foot Finds Happiness and a New Home After Removing Over Four Pounds of Matted Fur

Written by Becky Risler of Prairie Paws Animal Shelter in Ottawa Kansas

Little Foot, a senior Shih Tzu, came to us with 4 pounds of matted hair on her tiny 12-pound frame. While her before pictures are hard to look at, we see it as a blessing that Little Foot made her way to us and we were able to find her a hero that will provide her with the unconditional love she so deserves. We try very hard to focus on the future and not the past and we knew this cutie’s future was bright.

It took Kelsie Williams (our awesome groomer) 2 1/2 hours to shave off her mats. We couldn’t believe that they weighed a total of 4 1/2 pounds! This little senior sweetheart started to dance after the weight was lifted off. She was so full of kisses and tushie wiggles, and made people’s hearts happy just by watching how excited she was to be able to move around.

We did discover that the majority of her teeth were in very poor shape. She basically had two good ones to use. The soft Freshpet food definitely became a staple of her diet while at the shelter not only because she loved it but because she didn’t need a lot of teeth to chew it. Her awesome new hero pet parent was definitely going to need to have a dental done on her and to our dismay we discovered she had some small tumor like growths on her chest… she was going to need a true hero indeed.

Her hero turned out to be Kelsie, the Groomer! She adopted the cutie! Little Foot stole her heart at her first mat-free wiggle and is doing great at her new home and never has to worry about becoming matted again.

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