Lyra, Freshpet’s Show Dog

Meet Drew! He’s our Quality Analyst here at Freshpet. Which means you can almost always find him in the QA Lab in Bethlehem, PA testing all of our foods before they leave our Kitchens. One could even call him the gatekeeper. None of our foods leave until he’s had a chance to check them out under our quality and safety standards. Drew is passion about his QA work, but he’s also a big dog lover with a passion for competing in dog shows. Here’s his story!

I have three Doberman pinschers. Tucker, Ava and Lyra – and they’re my life. Tucker is 8, Ava is 6 and Lyra is 2. And while all of their parents were Champion Show Dogs, Lyra is actually the only one who is competes in the AKC show ring with me.

Lyra and I have shown all over the region from Maryland to New York State and even once out in Chicago. She’s got a few impressive wins under her belt and a lot full of runner-up spots in other competitions. We had the pleasure of showing at the Doberman Pinscher Club National Show this last October in Lancaster, PA, which is the national specialty show that’s put on by the Doberman Pinscher Club of America every year. People travel from all over the world to attend this show. We didn’t make any placements but we had a rush being out there in front of the huge crowd!

Lyra what you call a natural show dog. She’s very outgoing, full of attitude and loves being in the ring. She has high drive and will happily work for food. And luckily for her I’m able to bring the freshest treats for her to get her focused and in the game. I often bring Freshpet Dog Joy Chicken or Beef treats in the ring, which she goes crazy for.

In this venue we’ve done well considering I’m a very amateur “owner-handler.” She’s my first real “show dog,” so I’ve learned as I went along. I think keeping her active, and on a fresh and all natural diet has helped us significantly thus far!
In the coming months she will be going out with a professional handler to make a run at finishing her AKC Championship. When she’s not showing her favorite activity is chasing her “Chuck-It” toy. Once she’s finished with the AKC show ring I’m looking forward to training her in agility and “dock-diving” in the summer time.

All three of my dobes are 100% Freshpet dogs.

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