Paula kicks off her weight-loss journey with Freshpet

Written by Dr. Katy Nelson of The Pet Show with Dr. Katy

Paula is a beautiful kitty who was surrendered to the Washington Humane Society-Washington Animal Rescue League two months ago when the owners could no longer care for her. But at only two years old, Paula had a problem that the animal care providers there noticed immediately, which is Paula is obese.

The staff immediately began working with on her nutrition and getting her as active as possible, and have already achieved some great success in getting her weight down. Her weight upon admission was over 25 pounds, and at the time that they posted her first photo on social media, she was already down to 22 pounds!

And that’s when she caught my eye. You see, as a veterinarian, I’m a stickler for health and fitness in my patients because I know that a lean body is closely linked to a longer, healthier life for our pets. Obesity in cats predisposes them to diabetes, heart disease, joint disease, skin disease, and even cancer. So when I saw Paula’s “girth” in her Facebook photo, I immediately called WHS-WARL to see how I could help.

We talked about a “biggest loser” type plan for sweet Paula, and as with any weight loss plan, we knew that nutrition would be a key component for us. That’s when I reached out to our friends at Freshpet to see if they would get involved, and they were excited to come on board.

Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning that they require fresh meats to be healthy and feel full. Carbs for them are not efficiently utilized, and often end up getting stored as fat. While Freshpet doesn’t necessarily make “diet foods,” their foods are low-carb and they’re packed with healthy protein. They also don’t use unnecessary fillers or chemical preservatives, and as a bonus for Paula, they’re super tasty.

As our plan came together, we realized this could be the “dream team” for Paula. She is now on healthy, low-carb Freshpet foods twice daily and is receiving exercise and enrichment from the WHS-WARL team. She’s already appeared on The Pet Show with Dr. Katy once, and we will be following her journey over the next 6 months on our show and on our social media.

Stay tuned to #PaulaGetsFresh to watch her transformation, and if you’d like to make Paula part of YOUR family, find her adoption information at!

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