Samantha’s Freshpet Letter: Nikki-doo’s favorite Fresh Pet Food

@Samantha Pazyck

Dear FreshPet,

My 13 year old Jack Russell terrier, Nikki-doo, has been a part of my life since I was ten. I’ve always wanted the best for her, more so now as she grows older (though she’s still my pet fresh). Last February Nikki had surgery to get her right eye removed, and while she was much happier, she just wasnt eating much. I recently switched her food to Freshpet dog food and I have never seen her so excited about meal time! Before it would be so hard getting her to eat and now she cleans the bowl of all of her fresh pet food. I’ve noticed a difference in her overall health and attitude. I want to give you guys a huge thank you for helping me get my puppy back!

Samantha Pazyck

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