Tips for Making your Newly Adopted Pet Feel at Home

Adopting a new pet is an exciting experience for a family, but the process can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for the four-legged addition. To ensure that the transition from stray to family pet goes as smooth as possible, we’ve put together a few tips for helping your newly adopted pet feel at home.

Before you bring home your new pet, it’s a good idea hold a family meeting where you can determine who is responsible for which aspect of caring for your new pet. Animals do well in structured environments and keeping this consistency in roles will make your pet more comfortable as they settle into their new home.

When it’s time to bring your new pet home, begin by limiting them to one area in your house. This will give them time to slowly learn the sounds and smells of your home without feeling overwhelmed. Make sure that they have everything they need in this area, including a crate or other well defined quiet space, toys, their Freshpet food and treats, as well as water.

As they become more comfortable in this initial area, slowly allow them to explore the rest of your home. However, they should always have access to their quiet space where they can feel secure.

If you have other pets in your home, keep them separate from your new pet at the beginning. All interactions between the pets should be closely monitored, until you are sure that there will be no issues between the four-legged family members. The time it takes for your pets to become comfortable with each other varies from animal to animal, so be patient and use lots of yummy Freshpet treats as rewards for good behavior!

These first few weeks while your pet is becoming acquainted with their new surroundings is the best time to teach them the rules of the house. As we’ve mentioned, pets enjoy having a structured environment, including clear expectations of acceptable behavior and their daily routines.

The best tool to get your pet into their new daily routines is their favorite Freshpet dog food or cat food. Each time you teach them a new aspect of their routine, reward them with a recipe they love most or a treat. Not only will this delicious snack aid them in learning their new routine more quickly, it will help them make positive associations with their new life.

When adopting a new pet, the most important thing to remember is to take things slow. Your pet may have gone through some difficult times before being welcomed into your home and as their new caregiver you want to ensure that they have the time and space they need during this period of adjustment. When you take the time to transition your pet into their new home, before you know it they will be nicely settled into their new routine and you won’t be able to imagine life without them.

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