What Makes Freshpet Different From Other Pet Foods?

With so many different pet foods available today, it can be hard to know which is right for your pet. This search can become even more difficult if your pet has allergies or dietary restrictions. At Freshpet, we want to make sure that all pet parents have the resources they need to make an informed decision about which food to feed their pets. To help you navigate the pet food aisle, we’ve put together a checklist of things we believe all pet food should and should not include. We put all of our fresh pet food products to the same test and we can proudly say that they checked off each item. Here are just some of the things that make our Freshpet food different from other pet foods.

All Natural Ingredients
You wouldn’t want to eat foods filled with artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, so why would your pet? By choosing fresh pet foods, you know that they’re getting the nutrients they need, naturally.

Real Fresh Fruits & Veggies
A healthy pet diet should contain fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s a good idea to mix in fresh fruits and vegetables with whatever food you feed your pet but it’s even better if their food already contains it. To ensure your pet is getting the benefits of fruits and vegetables in each meal, look for products that include them in their mixture.

Only Chelated Minerals
Minerals are naturally inorganic, which can make them difficult for the body to consume. A process known as chelation can help to combine minerals with organic molecules, to make minerals easier to digest. When your pet eats food that contain chelated minerals, they are better able to absorb the necessary minerals so you know that they’re getting the most from their food.

Less Processed & Cooked at Lower Temperatures
When foods are highly processed, they lose a significant amount of their nutritional value. Freshpet foods that are made using fresh ingredients, cooked at lower temperatures to preserve their natural nutrients are always the best choice.

No Corn or Wheat
Corn and wheat are often used a filler in pet foods and have little nutritional value. For many pets, corn and wheat are hard to digest and can trigger food sensitivity issues such as gastrointestinal problems and dry, itchy skin. The best way to avoid these irritants is by feeding your pet food that is free of corn and wheat.

No Rendered Meals
Rendered products are common in many types of pet food, but few owners know exactly what they are. Rendered products are made from animal remains that have been converted into stable materials that can be used in food. While rendered materials can sometimes be high in protein, their quality cannot be compared to fresh ingredients. Avoid foods that contain ingredients such as meat meal or bone meal, as these are other names for rendered products.

At Freshpet, we believe that your pet’s food should be made from the same quality ingredients that you feed your family. This is why we’re so proud to provide fresh pet foods that check off each item on this list. It is this commitment to natural, wholesome ingredients that makes us different from other pet foods brands on the market today.

To find out how your current pet food compares to our fresh pet food, take a look at our comparison chart. If you’re thinking of making the switch to Freshpet dog food or cat food, take a look at what our happy customers have to say on our website, on our Freshpet Facebook page, and Twitter.

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