About Us

Our mission at Freshpet: Doing what’s best for pets.

Almost seven years ago, a bunch of us were talking about how much we love our pets – we let them sleep in our beds, we spend whatever it takes when they get sick, we throw them birthday parties. They’re part of our families. We work hard to give our pets the very best, just like our children – to keep them happy, healthy and safe.  And then we turned to what we were feeding them.  Most of us were feeding our pets dry, processed corn byproducts and dehydrated meat from a bag. And we all know dogs and cats are carnivores.

We decided, in that conversation, to do something about it. To stop feeling frustrated by the constraints of big companies – to start fresh.

We started talking about what the ideal food for pets would be – what we would want to feed our pets. And the answer was simple: actual food – fresh, good food that’s cooked, not processed. Food, in short, you’d want to serve to living things you love, to members of your family.
Over the next year, we researched, planned and began changing pet food. It wasn’t easy – like any small, passionate group trying to change the status quo, there were sleepless nights, setbacks, and triumphs. But by October of 2006, what was once an idea was a reality. We were cooking high-quality, nutritious and delicious food – food actually designed expressly for pets, with their caloric, metabolic and instinctual needs in mind – in small batches, from fresh, human-grade meats and vegetables, refrigerating it (because it’s fresh food!) and delivering it to more and more stores across the country.

We hope you’ll try offering it to your pets. We think it will make them happy and healthy, and that you’ll feel good feeding them delicious, cooked meals. Let us know how it goes. We’d love to hear from you.